Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Ball is Rolling......

Joe and Jennifer at Sunday's Drive at Calvary;-)

Andrew and his army!
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Thank you for all for helping make Sunday's bone marrow drive a huge success! I believe that we got 200 or so to register and get swabbed!  The hand of God was definitely felt in the whole process in getting the drive together.  The drive was put together in 8 days!
God raised up over 30 volunteers from Calvary when only 5 or 6 were needed.  God new exactly how many volunteers we needed because we sure needed every single one of them.  

Jennifer and I were so touched at the masses that came by!  I was touched to see senior citizens coming to see if they could register, although they couldn't because of their age. I was tickled to see so many of my classmates, whom many I have not seen in over 25 years,  from Deerfield High School to Kipling Elementary! The whole process had God's handprint on it as there were so many things that came about in perfect timing!  
I was told that there were around 200 kits that were completed and there would have been more, but some were turned away because of preexisting medical conditions.  

This is just the beginning!  I know that our church leadership is trying to get more drives going and that there is works for drives across the country and internationally.  I know that there are many that can't physically attend marrow drives, but there is a simple way to register nonetheless.  As most of you know, (click on website) is a simple way to get registered and get a kit by mail to send back.  Many of you have told me how easy it was to get a kit and send back.  So with that being said, I implore you all to keep spreading the word however you can. Whether it's word of mouth, social media, email or whatever, please tell Andrew's story and make an appeal to all for them to get tested.  A few minutes out of the day can possibly save my son's life or another person's life who is waiting for that life saving transplant!  Time is ticking and we need a match for Andrew now!
***If you would like to set up a drive, please contact me and I will get you to the right people to help get one started! Time is of the essence!


500 N. ELM ST.

If you have ANY IDEAS in raising bone marrow donation awareness or want to start a drive in you local/anywhere, please email me at  

After 10 days of non stop chemo, Andrew got back home late yesterday.  He is extremely tired but looks good.  He will be getting weekly spinal taps to deliver chemo to his spinal fluid, where they found cancer, visiting the hospital for guaranteed fever and infection, and blood and platelets. 

Andrew will be 17 this Saturday! Pray that he will be healthy enough to celebrate it!  In the hospital he simple asked that we gather some friends for the occasion.  That's all he wanted! I want my boy to be around for many years to come!


-PRAY FOR REMISSION!  Andrew will be going in on February 16th for a bone marrow biopsy to see if the cancer is in remission.  If so, he will be eligible for a transplant. 

-If he is healthy enough for a transplant, HE WILL NEED A MATCH!  PLEASE PRAY THAT WE CAN FIND A MATCH IMMEDIATELY! If not, the more time goes by the likelihood of relapse will be greater and 

-Pray for wisdom, guidance and God's help to organize as many bone marrow drives as possible immediately to help find a match.  God is is already moving people all over the world!

-Pray for my family!  Pray for Jenn and I for physical (we haven't gotten a good nights rest in a month) and mental strength to help guide our family in this time of need. Pray for the girls who are taking it hard this time.

I have often wondered why my life has transpired as it has with it's many trials and sufferings, but I know one thing...God has never left my side, he has never left me alone, even if I felt otherwise!!! I leave you with one of my favorite songs that speaks volumes of how I feel:

God bless you all and please spread the word!!!! Let's keep things going so we can save my son's life and others!!! KEEP MARCHING ANDREW'S ARMY!!!

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