Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day +14...

DAY +14 (May 30: 11:07am)

Andrew's ANC and white blood cell counts shot up over three fold overnight   Along with common side effects,  the anc and wbc shows Andrew's donor cells are grafting.

The past 24 hours have been a struggle for Andrew to stay comfortable with non-stop fevers and chills that come with it.  Andrew has had retained a lot of water which may explain the fluid in the lungs, which may explain his issues with breathing.  Andrew will have a c.t. scan later today to see if there are any issues.  Blood cultures drawn the other day identified a bacteria which is being treated with three antibiotics.  Andrew also in on around the clock oxygen because of the lung issues which has cause his oxygen saturation to dip into disconcerting  numbers.

So it's suffice to say Andrew is not comfortable.  I don't know how this kid does this day in and day out!  What a courageous fighter.  I had mentioned on Facebook Andrew would try to venture out of his room to take a walk since his counts have risen to the point of being able to fight infection,  but since his fevers, the foray into the halls of four west did not materialize.  We will try again later this afternoon.

Please pray for the requests I wrote down last post and pray the c.t. scan would not show anything wrong with Andrew's lungs.

Thanks Everyone.

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  1. Hang in there Andrew and Joe! I hope the fluid in the lungs resolves on its own. Last year they used an experimental drug on our friend H.D. when this happened to him. It was my understanding that the donor cells have grafted too quickly and accumulated in the lungs, which caused lots of fluid and interferred with his breathing. H.D.'s case was severe and resulted in a lengthy stay in ICU and dialysis. As you know, H.D. survived all of this and is getting ready to celebrate his 17th birthday next week! Praying for you to move past this bump in the road quickly and completely Andrew!