Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Long Week!!!!

Monday was suppose to be the day where Andrew got a bone marrow biopsy to see if his cancer is still in remission, which is a caveat to go to transplant and a c.t. scan to see if a fungal infection in his lungs found a few months earlier is gone.  But the blood test showed his counts have not recovered all the way from the last chemo and that is why Andrew did not get a biopsy yesterday.  I was a bit concerned, because I thought by this far post chemo, his counts would be back to normal.  I did find out with each successive round of chemo, the body takes longer to recover from the multiple rounds of chemo.  So Monday's schedule got switched around a bit.  Andrew was suppose to get a dental check up later in the afternoon, but due to the biopsy and c.t. scan being cancelled, we were lucky enough to get the appointment moved up to noon, where we found the dentist found 6 cavities!  It is crucial he get's his teeth in order so there won't be places for infection to fester while his immune system is suppressed.  Andrew's dental work will require 3 hours, so the dental and stem cell team are trying to get the o.r. for both procedures since Andrew will be out for the bone marrow biopsy.  Andrew is thankful, because he really gets anxious at the dentist.
6 Cavities!!!!!  Ugh!
This was suppose to be a week where Andrew had some down time, but we learned Andrew will be admitted for the drug Palefermin, Saturday and Sunday.  This drug has been used in adults to combat the effects of radiation and the mouth sores that come with the radiation.  It has not been approved for children and is considered experimental, but Children's got the okay to use it on Andrew.  PLEASE PRAY IT WOULD BE EFFECTIVE!

***I humbly ask you to pray the blood drawn, Wednesday, would show Andrew's counts are back to normal.  If they are not, the whole transplant procedure will be delayed.  Regardless, he will have a bone marrow biopsy Thursday or Friday.  I must admit I am a bit nervous with Andrew's count not being back to normal.  Please pray I would trust God in this time of uncertainty. 

Andrew is still in good spirits.  Andrew is eating the foods he craves before transplant.  His mother has taken him to eat steak and sushi and Jennifer has made an eclectic mix of food to satisfy Andrew.  Andrew and I bought midnight tickets to see the new Avengers movie Thursday night, which we heard is out of this world!  Thank you to those who have offered to take Andrew out or treat him to his favorite meal.  

It seems there is a lag from when I post a new blog update and when you all get an email notification.  I don't know why that is, but hopefully this post will get to you so you will lift up Andrew and our family in prayer.  

Thanks again everyone!  Jenn and I are spent emotionally, physically and spiritually!  Please pray we can understand God's grace is around us all the time and with that knowledge, find peace or a modicum of it.  
I don't  know if I have mentioned this in the past, but Jennifer and I love to go onto our small covered patio at the condo and just sit and chill We sit across from one another and just chill.  Tonight, it is raining a bit, but the temperature is cool and comfortable and the funny thing is we are chilling to the sounds of Earth Wind and Fire outside in the comforts of the patio.  It is a sight to see and hear;-)  At least we are somewhat at ease in the midst of the storms!


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