Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Many of you know of the situation with a young gal named Anna (17), who we met at Children's and has struggled tremendously post transplant.  Well, Anna went home to be with the Lord this afternoon in the loving arms of her parents.  Jennifer and I were deeply saddened on her passing. I have known people we have met a Children's that have passed away, but this passing hit me like a ton of bricks! But our grief is buffered by the fact Anna is home with God in heaven. We uttered a prayer for her family and reminded each other Andrew will be okay and God has his best interest at hand.   Here is the most recent blog Anna's parents, Sean and Lisa sent out.:

No More Pink Buckets

Written 2 hours ago by Lisa Daley
Dear Friends and Family,

This is the last photo we took as a family Sunday afternoon holding the wooden cross Mary Bunch had given us that had been displayed on Anna's Iv pole for months. Anna loved this photo and even told the nurses of how much it meant to her while they cared for her. This cross was held close to Anna's heart today as she laid dying in our arms. Sean has this cross around his neck since her death.

Many events have happened since our last posting. We will share all of them with you at a later date because God's presence was so manifested in Anna's life in the end. This afternoon at 4:20pm Anna went to be with the Lord with grace, dignity and courage well beyond her maturity and years! While hearts are sad we are at perfect peace that our Anna was a gift from God and glorified Him to the very end teaching all about God's grace that is sufficient. While in pain and suffering in death, she never cried nor complained letting everyone know her trust in God and being brave for not only us as her parents but the many stem cell, physicians and nurses that wept tears today on behalf of Anna. 

Anna was at complete peace and died in our arms smiling back at us as we proclaimed what a brave and faithful servant she had been. We are returning home tomorrow without our Anna. Our hearts will be heavy to return to the house that was so filled with Anna. She even today ask if it was possible to return home one final time. We told her she was going to her eternal home with the Lord. 

Arrangements are in process of being made with Anna's youth pastor, Sterling. Anna before dying expressed her love for the church and ask that in lieu of flowers that memorials be made to First Baptist Church of Geneva. More details will follow at a later date and we will share more of her final hours special moments with you because in death she was such an example of Christ!

Thanks be to God for our special gift of Anna! As Anna said many times in her post, "God is Good!". ...... Even in death we have peace that truly passeth all understanding. 

"Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.". Phillipians 4:7

"I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.". Phillipians 4:13

We hold those verses in our hearts and after nine months to the date hold these covenants of God to be true to our hearts and to Anna's example of living.

Praise be to God and thankfulness for each of you in our journey loving and supporting our beautiful Anna Michele!

God's blessings that Sue was with us till the end. She prepared Anna's body for us as her final gift of love and served Anna communion this morning with us in preparation for Anna's death.

Sean and Lisa 

It was no coincidence I met Lisa and Sean.  They have been great examples of what a Christian should be.  They showed a peace in the midst of extreme trials that passes all human understanding.  Their faith, hope and the trust they had in God for His plans for Anna were and are a blessing to me in the midst of Andrew's sickness.  God's will was not for Anna to live, but to go on to heaven, and her legacy was, is and will to bless others through her faith in God.  Her suffering is replaced with the joy to be with her Lord and Savior!

Please pray for Sean and Lisa as they grieve for Anna.  I would really appreciate it.  



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