Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As we prepare to say goodbye to Andrew, I ask those that want to visit to respect our time as a family, so family members can first say their goodbyes. I know there is so many people that want to say goodbye and the reality is we can't accommodate everyone, so please don't be offended if we say no. We will determine who can see Andrew at a later time. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We are still praying for a miracle, but know that it is unlikely and are ready to hand him over to Jesus, to rest in eternal glory. To dance, sing and flash that wonderful smile everyone knows in eternal joy, peace and happiness. He will see his friend Anna who passed to be with the Lord couple months ago and share the love they had on earth and how it will be a moment before they see their parents and loved ones.

Andrew will get his breathing tube removed from his throat to get a tracheotomy for his breathing tube. The reason being is to help him feel more comfortable. He has been trying to take his tube out the past few days. It will may possibly enable Andrew to say any final words. Please pray this surgical procedure goes smoothly. There will be a lot of preparation to get him to the o.r. Please pray for a smooth procedure. Please pray for minimal pain.

Thank you for the throngs of support and love our family has received the past few days. Andrew's Army is strong! Keep praying for a miracle, but pray Andrew would not be scared but at peace in his last days here with us.



  1. Our prayers, strength
    and love are with you all.
    Always in our hearts,

  2. Andrew, you and your family are truly an inspiration. Though we may not know each other, our family has found it an amazing, God-given privilege to follow you on this journey and pray for you. If it is your time, go forth as a brave, strong, young man of God and do what you were made to do...praise Him! No matter what happens, you've made more of an impact than some have done in their 100 years of life. So, well done good and faithful servant! And I know that's nothing coming from me (Pearl), but I have no doubt that God will greet you w/ even greater fervor when you finally meet your maker in Heaven. God bless you all. You'll always be in our hearts.

    Love in Christ,
    Pearl, Dennis & family.

  3. I have never met you, Andrew, in person. I only know you through your father's touching words and your beautiful pictures he shares. I have smiled and rejoiced with your victories, and cried through your pains and hardships. Evermore, I continue to pray for God's peace that surpasses all understanding for you and your family. You are loved.

  4. Joe,

    I still can't wrap my head around the possibility of Andrew leaving us. How do you prepare for that? My family and I... All we can do is pray. Pray for peace for Andrew... Pray for comfort for you, Jennifer and the girls that the comfort only God can provide be bestowed upon you.

    Andrew is a beautiful and gentle soul. It must be that he has lived a full life in God's eyes in 17 years he has had. I think that was true of Anna Daley and it is true for Andrew. It doesn't make it easier for those that have to send him off, but you can take comfort in that you have been a great and best possible father to Andrew. In the short period you had with Andrew, you have loved and cared for him the best you can. You can also take comfort in that there will be a Father into whose arms Andrew will fall that loves him more than you do. There will also be Anna, another beautiful and wonderful soul and a friend that knows the suffering and the good fight Andrew fought, waiting to welcome Andrew.

    To us, it still doesn't make it easy to watch these beautiful children suffer so much and end their time here with us so short. I'm still praying for the miracle that God has shown so many times with Andrew.

    1. You said it perfectly. I too believe that those who are taken from us at a young age have already fulfilled their purpose on this earth. Andrew's gifts will continue to live on in the hearts of those people who knew him, and even by those who didn't but followed his difficult journey every day, as I have. I too am still praying for the miracle!

    2. We haven't had the privilege of meeting you, Joe and Jennifer, but as Central parents we have followed your journey with prayers and heartache. You have inspired many with your strength and faithfulness. We share your sorrow in the challenges you now face.

      Sincerely, and with deep admiration,
      Anne & Scott Glaser

  5. Still praying for a miracle!
    In love,
    The De Caignys

  6. Thank you for sharing your family's difficult journey through your beautiful written words. I have been following all of the miracles and hardships. Today, I pray for peace and comfort for your family. He is the bravest of boys and you are an amazing father.

    Rose Lane and family

  7. Praying for peace and comfort for all of you.

  8. Wishing you well. Hoping and praying for a miracle.

  9. I just saw Peter Cho's shared photo/msg about Andrew. Bless his heart. Praise God that he was able to communicate to you in that powerful way and that he is running to God in peace. He ran his race SO well, and I know he did so b/c he was following closely behind the best examples in his life. May God continue to use him through the sharing of his testimony by all his loved ones, friends, and even every one of us on this site! Tearfully continuing to pray for your family as you endure through this unimaginably difficult time.

  10. My heart aches for Andrew and no words can convey my sorrow for you. What an incredible young man; God must want him in heaven sooner than we want or can understand. We pray for a miracle, and that God continues to hold Andrew and you all in the palm of his hand.

  11. We are lifting all of you up in prayer and we join others in praying for a miracle. It is our fondest wish that you are surrounded by love and covered by prayer as you continue to fight this battle with grace, dignity and strength that we've seldom witnessed in our lifetime. May God bless you and hold all of you in his hands. Our love and thoughts are with you. Blessings, The Justus Family (Ed, Kim, Drew and Cole) Clarendon Hills.

  12. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers,
    Praying for a miracle.
    The Canents,,,Randy, Maribeth, Annie and Sarah

  13. Like the newsboys song God is roaring like a lion inside you andrew with that fighter spirit of yours to show the world God is sufficient in all things & has a purpose for all of us so god is indeed is not dead & living in you & here now or years later your story will live on in others hearts to show that god transcends time & space & nothing can hold him back cuz hes in you & your are in us & he lives on through that. thank you for believing in God Andrew & thank you for sharing your faith with the world. the Halls Family

  14. Joe and Family, I read your status today on a friend's FB post, first time hearing about it. I have since gone back through the entire blog to read your story of strength, fear, bravery, despair, faith and love. Had I seen it from the beginning, you would have had my prayers for every request. Since I only learn of this today, you have my deepest and most heartfelt prayers that another miracle occurs. If that miracle is not granted, I pray that he is able to be comforted by the presence of your family's love, without pain, and ready to embrace his future as God's helper. I pray that he is able to communicate his love and gratitude for the constant care, nurturing and strength that you provided for him. You have served as God's portal so that your precious Andrew would know what the truest and purest love is, to prepare him for direct access to the light that he will face in God's presence.
    I also pray that you and Jennifer have the strength and the serenity to lead your other beautiful children through the process of grieving, and help them to understand how blessed you all are to have had the time with Andrew that you had. The greatest gift that you can give yourselves and Andrew is to realize how precious life truly is, and to keep your passion for living in the face of loss, so that his suffering is not in vain.
    My heart goes out to you, as do my prayers.

  15. I am reading your story with tears in my eyes. I have three kids ages 20, 15, and 9. As a mom I cannot even begging to imagine what your family is going thru. Sometimes in our lives we put so much emphasis on material things and things that are not important. When something like this happens in a family, it puts everything in perspective. Your family has inspired me and i am sure your faith has prepared Andrew in the right path and will be with Jesus soon. I will be praying for Andrew and your family at st Isaac. Keep strong for the entire family specially for your other kids, they will need you more than ever.

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