Friday, June 22, 2012


6-22 (4:30pm)

I just spoke to Dr. Sonali and the biopsy results showed Andrew has mild gvhd, but it is healing.  The g.i. doctor who performed the scope and the biopsy said he didn't see anything remarkable or aggressive when he scoped the gut.   What does that mean?  It's encouraging because he has a mild case and it's healing, responding to the therapies he has been on for his liver and other issues.  With that being said, Dr. Sonali believes Andrew's liver issues may be less gvhd and more attributed to the tpn (nutritional supplement given through a tube), medication or because he hasn't eaten in over three weeks.  Is this an answered prayer?  I think this is what God wants at this time and I am happy Andrew doesn't have rampant and aggressive gvhd that could have given Andrew no chance to live.

The biggest issue remain his lungs.  The lungs are in very poor condition.  There was some tiny improvement today, as his oxygenation levels in his blood gases have gotten better and his ventilator settings showed some improvement.  I had mentioned an anti-inflammatory called Etanercept which has been given to Andrew to help with his lungs and the full dosage of four doses (twice a week) has not been given yet.  The last dose will be this Monday.  Let's pray Andrew's lungs will respond in leaps and bounds to the Etanercept immediately.  

Dr. Sonali still thinks Andrew's chances of survival are still low, but the slight improvement gives some hope and the team will continue to pursue aggressive treatment to give Andrew the best chance to recover.  She said that the his improvement is not the miraculous type, but rather small incremental improvement which is encouraging.   Pray that Andrew would continue to have the strength to fight!!!

Thank you for your prayers and specific ones at that!  God has heard His elect.  It could have very well been the other way and that would not have changed who God is.  But I am sure thankful for the results. I will take this:-)  Last night was a night filled with prayer and tears and I am so grateful he heard my prayers.  There is still a long road ahead, but Andrew is fighting!  PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A MIRACULOUS TURNAROUND!  

Let's Go Andrew's Army!  Thank you for the overwhelming support from all over the world.  I have been getting more encouraging comments on this blog from people I have never met, compared to the ones I know:-) The body of Christ is big and strong.  I thank all of you, who come from all backgrounds and religious beliefs!  I thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!  I thank you for praying without ceasing!  Thank you!!!!

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.
Matthew 6:33

Stay Tuned!



  1. Thank God! Andrew is the strongest kid we know. We're so happy. Albert and I are so encouraged for even this small, incremental improvement. We'll take it as well.

    All our love,
    Jennifer, Albert and Margot

  2. Praise the Lord Joe!!!! I am so happy!!!! Our Father has his gentle hand over him. We will lift up a HUGE special prayer for him tonight at Bible study. Love you guys!! Carmen X. Kim

  3. I feel Christmas morning has come early! This news you have shared is such blessing. Please, God, LUNGS! Please heal Andrew's lungs. Know what should go along with this beautiful news? Some more beautiful news! I beg you, Lord: please, now Andrew's lungs.
    Jennifer Joe Andrew Emily Bryanna, we love you!

  4. tina park pesoli!June 22, 2012 at 6:49 PM

    oh! i didn't realize i could post on these blogs! keep fighting andrew! keep fighting! we are all here and fighting for you too! don't give up! we love you. we love you so much. KEEP FIGHTING!

  5. May God be with you and your family. I pray every day that Andrew would be healed by Gods grace. While i dont know you or Andrew personally, your faith through all of this is down right amazing. May Gods healing hand be in the situation, and may His peace be with you. Stay strong, and continue to fight.

    Kevin Chval

  6. Tonight we pray for Andrew's lungs--that they will begin to fully heal from his medicine and his oxygen levels will go up. We'll also pray for his comfort and strength and for his own thoughts to be happy and peaceful. We are so thankful for your bits of encouraging news, Praise God!! May it continue. The Saffords (neighbors of the Lims)

  7. Praise God for some good news! What we may see as small strides may be huge leaps and bounds in God's eyes (just as faith as small as a mustard seed is able to move mountains). I've been praying for Andrew and enlisting my FB friends to do the same. God is merciful and most definitely hears our prayers. Hang in there and God bless you all!

  8. My family and I have been praying since we heard about you from Peter's blog... we're so thankful for the good news tonight and we'll continue to pray! Praise God and hang in there Andrew, Joe and Jennifer!

    The Baks from Toronto

  9. We are so happy to hear this news Joe. Our family has been following very closely and Parker prays for Andrew every night! Hope you can get some rest.
    -hong yoon, Dave and parker plurad

  10. I have been following your blog and am so happy to hear he is doing better. I will continue to pray and send positive vibes your way. I met Andrew and Emily when I first moved to the neighborhood in 2006. They were just kids and always so sweet and polite. May God bless you and your family during this crucial and intense time. Claudia

  11. Praise God! We will take this small but encouraging news. Andrew, we love you so much! Your Virginia family is praying everyday; every minute for you. We are praying for Joe, Jennifer and Yun to have the grace of His peace surround you and for strength. It is unbearable to think what you've been wrestling with these past couple days.
    Love you all. Pam, Larry, Robin, Nate, Olivia and Abby.

  12. This blog is so encouraging and I can see how strong your whole family is. I am praying for Andrew and I know that God is listening. Thank you for inspiring me with your faith, and I pray that Andrews lungs heal soon. Much love and hope to your family and Andrew!

  13. Praying for Andrew - for strength and healing. The courage and love that you've expressed here is incredibly moving. Your generosity in sharing Andrew's story makes a difference for us all. And although we've never met (we have a mutual friend) my heart is reaching out to Andrew - hopeful that he fully receives all the love and strength being sent his way. Peace be with Andrew, and with you.

  14. So glad to hear..I also am following this sometimes hour by hour!!!!

  15. Joe -- this is good news for Andrew. Remember the young man I wanted to introduce you to a couple of months ago? You met his mom? He ALSO had mild GvHD of the gut, and was on a ventilator for more than 3 weeks (ICU for a month). This was happening in March 2011. Do you know where he is today? Preparing to go on a 10 day rafting trip in Arizona! Dr. S is well known for painting a gloomy picture. Just remember it does not have to be Andrew's portrait. Many miracles have already happened and many more still can!

  16. We hope and pray that today, Sunday, is a great day of improvement of any size/form, tranquil moments, peaceful reflection with hope and positive vibes swirling all around you. We pray diligently and hard for this, Andrew, for you and your whole family. Please,God, LUNGS, today and tomorrow especially! Thank you, God. And thank you, Andrew, for working so hard to heal. Your awesome family is so much in love with you and super proud of you. God, I beg of Thee, please begin the lungs' restoration

  17. Tonight, I wanted to send you, Andrew and Joe, a big prayer that God will pour his blessings, mercy and grace on you. Joe, as you enumberated before, God has shown miracles through Andrew's remission, chromosal defect reversal, bone marrow match and more. I trust in this God and anxiously wait for the next glory God will claim through Andrew.

    "My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you."
    Job 42:5

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