Monday, June 11, 2012


Andrew's liver bilirubin level remains elevated. An ultrasound is scheduled for anytime now. They will try to determine the size of the liver and whether the liver is draining properly. If the bilirubin continues to rise a risky liver biopsy will be performed to see if the liver's condition is due to GVHD or VOD. Please pray first for the bilirubin levels to lower to normal levels. Pray also for a favorable ultrasound result and/or the doctors will be able to read it properly so they can take the proper next step.

On a positive note, Andrew's fluid removal via the dialysis (crt) is going great. The kidney doctors will determine when to remove him or not soon. Andrew's chest x ray looked ok.
Andrew is still a very sick child. Pray for continued success of the dialysis and that it will allow Andrew to ween off the ventilator.

***I ask all that have been covering Andrew and the Park Family in prayer, to pray for our friends, Stephanie and Steve and their son Connor. Most of you are aware of Connor's condition and how our lives have intertwined. Connor is day +25 post transplant and has not engrafted as of yet and there is concern. He will be getting a special test today to see if the engraftment process has started. The results will come in late tomorrow, please pray results to show donor cells are engrafting. Please pray for Steve and Stephanie and their angst in this time of stress. Goto Connor's blog for more specifics:

Again, as I have been whispering in Andrew's ear:

"We (I) can do all things through Christ who gives us (me) strength."
Philippians 4:13



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