Monday, June 4, 2012

Day Four: ICU

Sorry for not updating sooner, but as you know it's been rather hectic.  For those that do not get email notifications to this blog and wish to get automatic notifications, please type your email in the WHITE LONG RECTANGULAR BOX ABOVE AND PRESS "SUBMIT'.   I know all of you are concerned with Andrew's health, but it would help me out if you can do get automatic notifications, because I don't have the time nor the strength to repeat what it going on with Andrew when the blog does so.  Sorry, I hope you understand.  With that being said, I won't go into details about when he got into the ICU (you can read the last post for context), but what is going on now.

What a bipap breathing machine looks like.
The debate Friday going into Saturday was to see if Andrew would need to be intubated (breathing tube down his throat) to assist him in breathing.  Andrew had difficulty adjusting to the bipap machine and initially got quite anxious with this contraption on his mouth and nose.  Andrew kept on taking it off until finally settling down.  The doctors gave a dose of Ativan to settle him down, but if you recall, Andrew had borderline delirium from all the narcotic and meds he was taking, which was characterized with tremors and talking in his sleep.  The day Andrew got to the ICU, Andrew was actually quite lucid and the looked good outwardly, because of the strict control of the meds.  But unfortunately with the ativan, he started to hallucinate again.  During the Saturday, Andrew was expending too much energy on the bipap machine and was not breathing efficiently, so after many hours of observation, the whole team of doctors decided it was in the best interest to intubate Andrew.  That way he could he could get good oxygen he needed without laboring and this also would allow him to get some rest.  The drawback in intubating him is that he will be sedated around the clock.

Another procedure that was discussed was a form of dialysis called CRT, which would help remove the fluid build up in his body.  Although diuretics were working, the team thought best the CRT would help further and relieve the excessive build up which has cause so many problems, especially the fluid in his lungs which is not helping his pneumonia heal quicker.  So last night, a central line was put in his neck by interventional radiologist to prepare for the CRT.  The process started in the early evening.  Unlike traditional dialysis, the CRT process is continuous over an extended period rather than a several hour process.

The other major issue is that Andrew has a condition of the liver called VOD, which can be fatal, where the small veins of the liver are clogged as a result of high dosage chemo and radiation, in which Andrew received pre transplant.  The bilirubin level is elevated but not at critical levels.  The level has remained in the same range the past few days.  Also a c.t. scan taken on 4west before he went down to the ICU showed the liver was not too enlarged and the liver was draining somewhat.  The experimental drug I eluded to Andrew had been approved for, which helps treating the VOD,  is on hold until we see if the CRT is helping the situation with the fluid build up.

Andrew is not well, but we are confident the wisdom of the icu, hem/onc, pain palliative, kidney doctors, the meds, the procedures all orchestrated by our Lord and Savior will bring Andrew back to 4west to recommence in his process of recovery from his bone marrow transplant.

    God always seems to know what His children need and when and I don't believe in happenstance nor luck, but rather the sovereignty of His plan no matter what the outcome.  Case in point, it was not a coincidence to meet the Daley's (Anna's parents) at Children's.  Through their difficult journey, Lisa and Sean always encouraged me and Jennifer continually telling us:

 For I (We) can do everything through Christ, who gives me (us) strength.
                        Philippians 4:13

Lisa and Sean have always shown grace under fire, which they always proclaim comes from the grace of God and his provision.  Anna, as most of you know, past away a month ago to go on to be with our Lord and Savior, but on her 17 years of life here on earth, she came to bless all the people she came in contact with and proclaim that Jesus is Lord in her life.  She knew her time may be limited here on earth, but she had her eternal resting place ready as she accepted what God had done for her and the whole world by sending His one and only son to die for our iniquities.  Anna, Lisa and Sean remind me that God is always in control and His plans are immeasurably better than anything we can imagine.  I don't know what is the plan for Andrew and I often times wonder what good is there as I see my son in pain and misery, but I will trust in what Jeremiah 29:11 says:

"For I know the plans I have for you (Andrew)," says the Lord. "Plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope (Andrew).". Jeremiah 29:11

It's funny but another things that isn't happenstance or a coincidence is that in the most recent Caringbridge post Lisa wrote, was of prayer requests for Andrew, ending with this verse:-) As Lisa says, it's a GodWink! Also, the night before we went to ICU, Lisa in her time of mourning and grief called me to see how Andrew was fairing and said if we ever go to the ICU she had some advice.  Boy, how prophetic was that!  Only by the grace of God!  Finally, I know why God put the Daley's in the Park's life, among many reasons, it was and it is to have blessed us by getting more of God's elect to pray for Andrew and his recovery.  God bless them!   

Another blessing from God was that Andrew's nurse Saturday night, Sena, is a close friend of a great couple we know at our home church of Calvary, Steve and Carol Lee.  Jennifer told me the above and beyond care and compassion she showed our son that night!

Anyway, please keep these prayer requests in mind:

-Pray the excess and dangerous fluid build up would dissipate soon through the aid of dialysis.

-Pray the VOD in his liver would completely heal soon.

-Pray the pneumonia would clear up quickly

-Pray that we can get back to the fourth floor soon.


-Please pray for Kim Cho as the result of the second PET scan is impending.  Let's pray for continued remission!



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