Saturday, June 2, 2012


I don't have the time nor energy to write a long drawn out blog, but here are the specifics.  Andrew was moved to ICU due to increased laboring in breathing.  Andrew had a fever of 104 last night and is fighting the pneumonia with 3 antibiotics and a another fungal medication.  

The main issue is Andrew is retaining a lot of water and that is causing difficulties with his breathing.  There is a lot of liquid in his system being released by the blood system and not in the kidneys where it can be filtered out.  So the Kidney levels are increased and is a concern.  The bigger issue is a condition called Hepatic veno-occlusive disease or veno-occlusive disease (VOD). It is a condition in which some of the small veins in the liver are obstructed. It is acomplication of high-dose chemotherapy given before a bone marrow transplant (BMT) and is marked by weight gain due to fluid retentionincreased liver size, and raised levels of bilirubin in the blood.  VOD is can be fatal if not treated properly.

Andrew does have a degree of it and we are hoping the diuretics help in releasing water.  If the diuretics don't help, Andrew will have dialysis to get rid of the excess liquid.  If that doesn't work, we have an experimental drug that is approved in Europe which Andrew has been approved to get.  The next 24 to 36 hours will be crucial in his recovery.  

Andrew is on an assisted breathing machine called b-pap.  Andrew is having anxiety with this contraption on his face. 
***I just news the diuretic is working and he is peeing good amount of urine.  So for know they will hold off on the dialysis.  

On a good note, Andrew seems to be out of his semi-delirious state.  He is the most lucid he has been.  But the draw back is that he knows clearly what is going on, causing anxiety.  


-Pray for Andrew's comfort mentally and physically.  Andrew was super anxious knowing he was going to the ICU.  Pray that Andrew would get use to the breathing machine.  He is having a hard time getting use to it and it too has provoked anxiety.  

-Pray the build up of fluid would be released out of the body by the diuretics.  If not the diuretics the dialysis.  

-Pray for the VOD would get better immediately.  Pray Andrew's liver will be free of clots and blockage.  Pray for the bilirubin levels would go down to normal.

-Please pray for mental and physical strength for Jennifer and myself.  Please pray for the Emily and Bry as well.  I can see some signs it is effecting them.  

Thank you to all that have been praying from all over the world.  Thank you Lisa and Sean Daley in their time of grief and mourning, they have reached out to me and Jenn!  God bless you all!


  1. Joe and Jenn - we are praying for Andrew's recovery and all the things you wrote specifically. We wish so much we could be there to help comfort. All our love, Jennifer and Albert

  2. A temporary roadblock, for sure. ICU is the best place for Andrew right now so they can keep a close eye on him. Andrew will make it through this! The drug you mentioned was also used on H.D. and worked for him! I hope that Andrew is now coping with being in the's all very scary, but it is what he needs right now. Be strong Park family!

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I wanted to share my story with you to bring you hope and encouragement. I was 9 yrs old when I came to this country for an urgent operation on my knee. Left undone, I may have never walked again. I know how it feels to be scared. I specially know how it feels to be in great pain and not being able to communicate this to the nurses. Some nights I lay in my bed wondering why this was happening to me and why my parents weren't with me. It was during the night that I felt most alone and all I did was cry myself to sleep. My recovery took over a year, I couldn't do all that my friends could do, walk, run, play. I got very angry. I especially got angry with my parents. I thought they weren't doing enough to make this go away. I've learned over the years that my parents spent many nights sleeping in the lobby of the hospital. I also learned later in life that my dad prayed and asked God to bring this on him and to spare me the pain. I also learned that my dad had to work 2 jobs to pay all my hospital bills. Andrew somethings are beyond our control. But we have a God we can trust to heal our bodies and most importantly our souls. I wish I knew this then what I know now. Deep rooted anger only hurts you and most importantly it hurts your healing. I learned later in life that God has a purpose for all that he allows, we may not understanding it all but he makes it very clear at some point and I know he will do the same with you. I wish I had God's word with me then, this verse I'm about to share with you has brought me lots of hope over the years since then...1 Cor. 6:19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were brought with a price. So glorify God in your body.
    Whether I am ill or in great physical condition I realize that my body is the Lord's temple and his Spirit lives inside you and inside me. The Lord is building you up Andrew with courage, love and strenght to use later for his kingdom. It takes a very special person to endure physical illness and as hard as this may seem right now, you'll see the LORD will use this experience he allowed in your life for His Glory. YOU, Andrew need to trust Him, even IF he never explains to you why, he allowed it. Just trust Him and love him with all your heart,with all your soul and will all your mind. Matthew 22:37.
    I will be praying for you and your family. Rose Mary Duval

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