Thursday, September 13, 2012


Our last Light the Nigh Walk with Andrew in 2011.  We will continue to walk in honor of my beautiful son!

Life has gotten a bit better the past few days.  Although my days and night are upside down, my mood has gotten better.  My sense of time and what has happened the past 9 months is all screwed up.  It has only been two and a half months since Andrew's death.  I MISS HIM DEARLY!  Everything seems to remind me of him.  I find myself talking to him from time to time.  It's as if he has been on a long vacation or away for college.  But unlike students that will be coming home for break, my Andrew will be never come back to us here on earth.  I bank on the eternal perspective and remember life here on earth is a mere blink of an eye.  It's a mere grain of sand on the beach.  Like I said in my last post, it's the eternal perspective keeping me sane, knowing I will see my son again!  
I want to turn your attention to something near and dear to Andrew's Army:  
Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Light the Night walk.  We have raised money and walked to benefit the LLS in helping find a cure and making cancer patients live's a bit more tolerable.  Some of the history of Andrew' condition my be old to you but please read this and think about what was written.  

This year's Light the Night Walk takes a completely different meaning. Instead of walking with Andrew in support of him being a survivor, we will be walking in memory of him. Instead of a white "survivor" balloon, Andrew's Army will be carrying gold balloons in memory of my beloved son.

Andrew's valiant and courageous battle began in March of 2009 when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After an arduous journey of treatment, surgeries, and other hospitalizations, Andrew was supposed to go into long-term care this past June. But God had other plans. After a Christmas break vacation, Andrew developed pneumonia and a cursory blood test revealed abnormal blood results. After a bone marrow biopsy, the dreaded news of relapse hit Andrew and our family. The relapse necessitated a bone marrow transplant, but first Andrew needed to eradicate the cancer immediately and start chemo right away. Andrew indeed went into remission, had several miracles along the way and found a bone marrow match. Andrew received his donor cells in mid may. Shortly after, Andrew encountered complications from the bone marrow transplant, which lead him to the intensive care unit at the end of May to never regain full consciousness. Our beloved Andrew passed away to go onto his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on June 30, 2012 surrounded by a mass of family and friends who loved him dearly. For more details of his brave and courageous battle, please goto Andrew's blog site, press here.

He left a legacy of love and his infectious smile changed so many lives. He let his "little light" shine. It's amazing the testimonies of how profoundly Andrew's life and legacy has impacted people. Far more reaching than we could ever imagined. In his short 17 years on the earth, he led a "full" life and we are so blessed to have had him in our lives. I am so proud as a father Andrew gave so much to others.

With that being said, I am asking you all to consider donating in Andrew's honor and to join Andrew's Army, whether to donate or walk or both, and give to an organization to help find a cure and kick cancer's ass (sorry, best way to put it). Our Andrew may have died, but I know the contributions you give can make a huge impact in helping other's out who are battling this horrendous disease. I have been around pediatric cancer patients the past three years and I absolutely hate what this disease does. Please help in possibly helping these innocent victims of cancer and others who are battling valiantly. I pray for a world without cancer!

In this journey with my son, I have been so blessed to have met such great people, whether it has been healthcare providers, patients, patient’s families, etc. After Andrew’s death the outpouring of support whether prayer, encouragement, hugs or monetarily was so overwhelming and the behalf of the Park Family, thank you again. I pray you would raise awareness and spread the word about Light the Night, The Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Andrew’s testimony. Spread the word and give whatever you can. I am also inviting you all to walk with Andrew’s Army in the Light the Night Walk, Saturday October 20, 2012 and walk in remembrance of Andrew.

After raising almost $10,000 for last year's walk, I have set a lofty goal of $20,000.  Let's try to make this happen!  The money will make a difference!  Please goto my homepage:
PRESS HERE  (  Again, I am asking to take a few brief moments to share this blog or send the address of my fund raising page to your friends and family.  If you all do that, we can easily meet our goal and then some.   SPREAD THE WORD AND LET'S KEEP ANDREW'S ARMY STRONG AND ALIVE!!!!


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